About us

Our company was founded in 2002 by a hardworking family with the aim of breeding trout using their expertise in aquaculture. However, due to the indiscriminate fishing and harvesting of wild sturgeon from the Caspian Sea and the threat of extinction of this valuable species, the company’s managers decided to specialize in sturgeon farming in 2004.The company uses seawater, expert personnel, the latest equipment and high quality feed to produce the highest quality Caspian caviar, which is in high demand around the world. Over the years, our company has become the largest producer of caviar and sturgeon meat in the country, with many customers from all over the world. Gharahboroun Company aims to develop the sturgeon farming industry in Iran by using the latest knowledge and technology. Our company has all the international standards for environmentally friendly farming and sustainable aquaculture. The company uses environmentally friendly methods in sturgeon farming and is committed to the conservation of sturgeon stocks. Our company has a complete chain of sturgeon production from breeding to harvesting and processing. Gharahboroun Company has also developed a special feed for sturgeon based on its field experience and the latest scientific research. This high quality feed meets the nutritional needs of sturgeon at all stages and helps them to grow optimally. In addition to trading sturgeon, our company offers technical and vocational training in sturgeon breeding and farming to interested individuals. The company has a team of qualified and experienced instructors who teach the latest methods and techniques in sturgeon farming.